Usa, Pagano (ERA): Italy bleeds dry to buy military technology of second choice while sellers bet on futuristic war

It is necessary that European’s military expenses converge towards the goal of the continent’s total independence and to the production of research and progress.


“Obama uses the Defense’s reduction to make war in his own way”. This was the title of an article on the newspaper “Il foglio” about the reduction of 46 million dollars that will hit the Pentagon. This is seen by the President Obama as a “potential benefit” that will allow, bypassing the refusal of the Congress, to reduce nuclear weapons and atomic reserves. This will allow instead to redirect the funds towards the “new wars”: cyberwars, drones, and special operation.

“While the United States are equipping themselves for a new generation of war, the European Union does not have its own Pentagon which supports research. And Italy buys F35, which, according to a Pentagon’s report, “in a real war they would not stand a chance”

As usual, Radicals were right and it is demonstrated by our adhesion to the demonstration in Piazza Montecitorio against the law which established that within 2027 Italy will buy 91 US F-35 fighter-bombers ». That’s the comment of the Secretary of the Esperanto Radikala Asocio.

«In Europe there are consortiums able to build airplanes with similar features, such as the Eurofighter model. So there is no need to buy obsolete US war material which would be good to fight just a minor war. It’s like when in the 80s we fought with the same rifles used by US to fight (30 years before) against Korea: a kind of game where the strongest will always abuse of the weakest”, Pagano said.

As Armando and Muttin explained in Eurobull, Eurofighter system does not have technical risks and it is efficientm, while F-35 are often unavailable because of the maintenance and even for cost problems.

The final purpose of the whole Europe must be the military independence. Europe should finally takes note that it is a superpower with the double the US citizens, it is a continent that can and must exploit their own resources. We can’t procrastinate the building of an European army which could defend all the European nations”, that’s the conclusion of the Radical leader.


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