University internazionalization, Pagano (ERA): In France they do it in French, we do it in English

France is the fourth destination for foreign students. 1 on 3 decides to stay: in 2011 foreign students were over 280.000, about the 12% of all french students. «This is the real internazionalization – says Giorgio Pagano – France offers university courses in French, appealing in this way many foreign students. We are the only ones to internazionalize in a foreign language, English».

«If a foreign student choose to come and study in Italy, we have to offer the very best of Italian knowledge. But nowadays scholars are not at the top, so they are trying to compensate with the English language. But of course they cannot compete with English mothertongues. When our country will not offer anymore courses in Italian, but only in English, why foreign students would want to come here? They can study in English anywhere, like in Great Britain, where they gain about 368 billions euros per year thanks to English language».

«On November 6th there was a convention about the spreading of Italian language and culture abroad, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This convention was “secretive”, because no one, not even the Ministry itself, give publicity to it. This inexplicabile silence is the proof that in our country politicians and institutions do not give the right rilevance to our language and culture, while they try to give even more space to English».

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