UK, no more foreign languages, Giorgio Pagano (ERA): for the United Kingdom it is intolerable to spend money for languages other than English…but only in homeland!

Linguistic discrimination in the UK

Eric Pickles, UK’s Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has launched new politics leading to linguistic discrimination: he has ordered councils to stop automatically translating their information leaflets, posters and other material into foreign languages. Although it is undeniable that this decision will bring about severe damage to a consistent part of the population (it is esteemed that roughly 5% of British households do not use English as first language), the motivations advanced in support of the act concern the importance of increased integration through the language and the necessity of cutting the cost of multilingual politics, deemed intolerable (£140m per year, an esteem including all taxes for translation services operated by the whole public service).

Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of Esperanto Radical Association, commented the news: «In a country used to exploiting the whole world in an imperialistic manner and beyond the mask of democratic advancement, it is considered absurd to spend a modest amount of public money to guarantee linguistic rights. At the same time, however, it has clearly nothing to object to the fact that the European Union spends €350 billion yearly to force EU’s citizens to using English. That money goes directly to UK’s reserves, where not even a penny is spent for multilinguism. At the same time United Kingdom found a way to boycott the summit on EU’s federal balance sheet (with creeping support of some northern countries). This translates into  €350 billion per year, in front of englishization costs amounting to two and a half times and in costant rise. Evidently the machine of anglophone collaborationism functions optimally, with Italy being a good example, a country where the ruling class works to destroy its own language and culture, as shown by Milan’s Politecnico which will ban courses held in Italian from 2014 from its upper cycle of studies in favor English. An example that the minister Francesco Profumo is trying with promising success to extend to the whole university system.

Chruchill used to say it in crystal-clear terms: the most effective way to dominate the world is to make it speak English. Its suggested adoption as the official language of the EU, although UK is conspiring from decades against Europe and its independece, is a violation of the democratic process and at the same time the final act that risks to dismantle the whole federal process and the possibility for 500 million of eurocitizens to benefit from a future of prosperity and justice.

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