Pagano (ERA): “Sanremo, let us speak about linguistic colonization of Polytechnic”

Sanremo song Festival represents the jubilation of Italian popular culture.

This year is the Verdi’s bicentenary and the song’s themes reflect a national culture united in the name of the Italian language. It’s been very emotional to hear Cutugno who proudly sang “L’Italiano”, but I’d like to inform Toto and Italian people  that from the next year the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, not so far from Sanremo, won’t teach in the Dante’s language but in the Shakespeare’s language.Toto, Fazio, Madame Littizzetto and all Italian people must be informed about it.

There, young students are obliged to learn only in English.This favors, a priori, foreign populations like English which, since 2004, in their schools do not teach a second language” , Pagano said, ERA Secretary.I hope Fazio, Littizzetto, Cotugno and the whole Festival organization’s stuff will advice Italian people about the emergency of the foreign invasion in our universities which forbid to learn in Italian and this led to linguistic and cultural genocide in our country. A population can survive to a war but not to a loss of identity”, the Radical leader said.



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