Our Political Policy: Abolish the English Language Tax

Statement by Giorgio Pagano
At the third Independence from the English language demonstration in front of the British Council
“To learn more on how much the tax that the world pays to the British Council can be acquired trhough a simple calculation starting just by looking at the flyers that we distributed in Rome’s headquarters. The leaflet explains that every year over a million and a half people prepare themselves for the Cambridge ESOL exams. Taking in to account that the preperation alone costs some one 90 hours of theur time, an eqiuvalent of 1170 euros, that would mean reaching the sum of 1 billion and 755 million euros per year. These are staggering prices which makes one think that it is simply offensive that the English goverment is allowing in populated countries such as India and Cina, around 10 million residents and over 2 billion and 300 million people. Today, the transnational role that the Radicals have taken on is to denounce the monopolistic contribution that is going to the English-speaking countries, at the expense of equal opportunity and against the freedom to choose what wheather and what foreign language to learn, against linguistic democracy, especially in Europe.”

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