Notizie: UK officially declares war on the world.

Lucrezia De Domizio

We do remember the 17th Genuary 2008 like the day that UK officially declares linguistic war on the not-English speaking world. It is a war which, in reality, has been leading for a long time.
An army of 750.000 teacher-soldiers will reoccupy, by the next 5 years, India which reconquested the indipendence from the British colonial Empire in the 1947 leaded by Gandhi non-violent guide.
It was just Gandhi who in 1908 denounced “to give millions a knowledge of English is to enslave them”, who carried on the struggle in order to preserve the official language of his country “Hindi” against the undiscriminate use of English imposed in India colonized by the Britain.
The same event that one time would have been called “colonialism”, today, through the words of the English Prime Minister Gordon Brown, it becomes a gift and an interpratation of the whole humanity’s “desires”. “Today, I want to make a new gift to the world that can maybe help anyone, however in poverty, however faraway, to access the tools they need to learn English”, declared Brown before his visit to China and India, adding that the British Council is setting a new website in order to train thousands of teachers of English to reach every country all around the world.
In order to let Gordon Brown and British Council’s Director declarations known, they are available here.

Statement by Giorgio Pagano, General Secretary

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