Notizie: ERA in defence of Italian language on the tv channel RAI 1

 On June the 4th, at 11:00 am, Rai 1, the main Italian public tv channel, transmitted “Dieci minuti di…” (“Ten minutes of…”), a free cultural and social space offered by the Italian Parliamentarian Programmings and Services.
During the tv broadcast, Giorgio Pagano, ERA Secretary, spoke about linguistic discrimination and safeguard of Italian language, for which the Association organized a web site ( ) which offers a wide range of services.
Along with Giorgio Pagano, there were Maria Catricalà, Professor of Italian Linguistic at University of “Roma 3” and Amira D’Apote, the youngest authoress of an Esperanto grammar.
In his speech, Giorgio Pagano focused on the problem of English language’s hegemony, which is contaminating all the other languages and cultures, Italian language specifically, which is disappearing in Switzerland, where it used to play an important role.
Professor Catricalà pointed out the risk that the Italian language is running nowadays and confirmed her worry about the loss of such a wide and important cultural heritage as Italy’s one.
Last but not least, Amira D’Apote stated that the International Language, called Esperanto, can offer a “concrete” opportunity of establishing linguistic democracy.

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