MeYouMe – Young Protagonists for a Mediterranean Space

Lucrezia De Domizio

ERA OLUS participated in the Mediterranean Youth Meeting, "Young protagonists in a mediterranean space," held at Cosenza from the 22nd to the 25th of October. Three days entirely dedicated to dialoguing in different languages and exchanging mediterranean cultural. A meeting where the role of today’s youth was greatly discusses, as well as the policies required to take to uphold peace, via tools such as volunteers and participation from the younger generation. Giuliana Sutera and Rossella Papasergio, Youth Department Delegates, participated in a workshop on human rights and discrimination, co-ordinated by Rossella herself and Isabella Nicoli of the YAP in Bologna, during which the causes close to ERA were discussed.

Important channels of collaboration were opened between Israelian, Palestinian, Egyptian and Arab Association, which proved themselves particularily sensitive to ERA’s causes, with them we drafted up some of our plans. At the meeting, ERA Onlus and the Egyptian Association of Junior Scientists delegates, criticized the linguistic anomolie of the meeting, that is that the Arab language is not used in the work industry, despite the fact that it is the most widely-spoken language in the mediterranean, and asked that the language be taken in to consideraton for the next meeting.

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