M5S, Europe. Pagano (Era): Grillo should act in the name of citizens and ask for the Federal Language.

Movimento 5 Stelle, after the Italian elections, have a different and positive approach toward Europe. At the German-Italian meeting about the future of Europe, Giusy Campo (M5S), specified that Grillo isn’t against Europe, he is against the current Europe which is far from the interests of citizens.
“I agree with her: Europe must still realize the democratic essence of Manifesto Ventotene”, Pagano (ERA) said.
“In the last days, a coalition for the digital work has been launched during a conference (organized by Kroes and Tajani and the commissioners Andor and Vassilliou) where it has been reitared the support for the study of English, in spite of the ruling of the European Court. It means that the Commission is becoming more and more criminal, habitual or professionale”, Pagano added.
“I wonder why democratics and European Federalists are supporters of the English linguistic monopoly rather than pursuing the battle of Federal language, especially considering that English language belongs to the most anti-European people.
And then I think about how the Nazi-fascism occupied Italy and Europe…after all they do not hit, do not kill: they just don’t let you study or work if you don’t submit to the languge of the empire. Grillo affirmed that he want a united Europe which speak just one language. But he missed to specify what language: Esperanto or colonial English?
If the good faith of Grillo is true, then I would be pleased to examine in depth the plans for the promotion and adoption of the Federal language”, concluded the ERA’s Secretary.


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