M5S, conspiracy and sensitive data, Pagano (ERA): “Europe must exploit its resources and turn against the overseas control”

“We are living under influence of american media since 70 years. This influence caused the loss of hope of European citizens to develop their skills and exploit their resources”, that’s what Pagano said about the penalty of European Commission to Microsoft because of a presumed bug in the software which may forbad from May 2011 to July 2012 the users to choose the browser to use.
The statement of the Honourable Bernini (M5S) about the microchip installed by the gouvernment under the skin of US. citizens is alarming. Our future is unpredictable but it is alarming.
“Since the end of the World War II we’ve always been oppressed by medias just to ensure the economic and politic alliance with USA. At last I can perceive the will of EU to guarantee the privacy of European citizens and to fine the foreign multinationals which do not respect the principles and the laws of Europe. Our continent needs to take what we lost in the last 75 years back: skills, resources and a true economic and commercial system”, said Pagano,
In front of the pressure made by some EU member States (especially UK, Germany Swedish and Belgium) to the Commission in order to reduce the reduce the tax burden for American companies, Pagano adds: “They need to understand that the burden tax must be reduce only for European companies, so they can expand their business and have a better position in the global market related to the foreign companies”. But some measures taken by the Commision, such as the obligation to demand the explicit consent of the individual to the processing of their data, belong to the democratic rights of European citizens”.

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