Language Vice: Emma Bonino Causes EU Competitions to Re-negotiate

Lucrezia De Domizio

[fimg=left][/fimg]The European Commission has opened the terms of discussion for the community competitions in which the Goverment was forced in to last May.

The Minister of European Policy, Emma Bonino, expressed her satisfaction in favour of the re-negotiation of the terms of conditions for the public European function that is to be followed by the Goverment’s appeal in the first degree in front of the Tribunal. The competition was published only in English, French and German, a violation of multilinguistic principles.

"The Commission," said the Minister, "has moved a step forward, which underlines the efficiency of the Goverment’s appeals. However," she adds, "my satisfaction is limited, considering that the translations of the discriminated languages have not been added to the re-negotiation. The Commission has limited itself to publishing a small notice in all languages saying that the competition contested by the Goverment has been re-launched. We are therefore going to continue appealing at the Tribunal."

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