Italian media and the destruction of the collective memory in order to colonize the country

This is a video of TG2, broadcasted at 20:30 on 16 February 2013: a perfect example of mind colonization on a mass level.
It is a report about “domestic staff” in Italian families.
As a country, Italy has been existed since 151 years, but culturally we have existed since 1200, and we won’t talk here of what there was before that: the Roman Empire.

In this report, of 8 cinematographic quotes, only one of them is froma an Italian movie: the others come from foreign countries, and especially from the USA.

This is the destruction of the common memory of a population, which is displaced by the common memory of another population – the american one. And we’re its victims: these american movies employ film distributor companies, with american actors, dirctors, scenographers, stagehands…

These are plotted and mediatic operations, which aim to make Italians forget their excellences. Instead to value the excellence which are only Italians, Italian people make their children study English, with the convinction that they will be hired by Americans, so that the directors, the architect which will made the scenography, stagehands etc., will be Italian.

But the truth is that in this way the customers for the angloamerican market grow in numbers, ensuring welfare for this market in exchange of their and their children exploitation.
To supervise everyday the broadcasting of Italian television is than essential to disclose how does it work the erasing of Italian popular memory.

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