“If you don’t speak English you can’t become a Caridnal”

[table][/table] “If you don’t speak English you can’t become a Caridnal”
Statement by the Secretary of the Esperanto Radical Association
“Curious thing that the problem is not the fact that Americans don’t know a foreign language, not even the languages in their area of interest, rather the fact that everyone else knows them, that maybe they’re not interested in speaking to Americans the English, and don’t want to know anything about Her Majesty’s language,” Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the Radical Esperanto Association, commented on a Wikileaks article in which an American Diplomat criticized the Vatican.
“It’s interesting to see that American Diplomacy considers ‘anglozisation’ and ‘modernization’ as synonyms.” A linguistic-colonial vision has emerged: languages no longer have equal dignity when it comes to the relationship between Two States, if one of these is theirs, then the other must submit and learn the language," Pagano observed.
“After judging the Vatican’s difficulties and putting faith in new technology, criticsm is sprouting in light of the lacking assertiveness there is towards the dominant language. What is more relevant is, due to this diplomacy, the number of English speakers or Blackberry users, when talking about communication, are situated on the same same level, in an embarrassing syllogism:
1) Blackberry is an avant guarde platform for communication
2) Blackberry is an english word
3) English is an avant guarde platform for communication.”

Rome, Decmeber 13th 2010

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