Giorgio Pagano (ERA): coup by coup since 70 years, when we’ll be free and independent?

Declaration of Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of ERA.

Time goes by but english and american service always interfere in Italian policy. Last episode has been given by Italian press and it concerns the inquest about some senators, especially Sergio De Gregorio, ex Senator of IDV.
He also revealed that a exponent of U.S. Embassy to Italy, Robert Gorelick (a Cia’s leader from 2003 to 2007), said to Mastella that U.S. Administration would have been grateful to those who called a halt to the Prodi’s Government.
The main causes of U.S. interference could be their worries about the reinforcement of NATO base in Vicenza and the radar installation in Niscemi which both provoked a strong opposition by estremists.
Maurizio Turco, Radical representative, is right when he says that the statement of De Gregorio, for what concerns the State Security, is more interesting of any other pleading of the ex Senator.
The same old plague is stille here: the creeping and strong collaborationism that punctually gives our country to U.S.A.
That superpower, thanks to this kind of direct interference in the skeleton of National States, dismantles Europe, eurozona, euro, and constraints the whole potential of Europe.
It’s time that citizens open their eyes and understand how these revelation have the same weight of speculative crusade launched against Euro and the visits of the Presidents of the Italian Republic before elections.


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