Europe, Pagano (ERA): 11 universities, 5 ideas, but none about Esperanto as federal language.

In range of the project “5 ideas for younger Europe”, 11 european universities promoted: popular election of an EU President; an european emplyoment bureau; civil and social rights granted in the same way in every state member; more students mobility; a public european broadcasting network.

«This is certainly a good project, which employs young european’s energy in order to create a federation that goes beyond the austerity in which our ruinous national government put us, trying to create a union that has yet to be creted in our continent» says Pagano, leader of Esperanto Radikala Asocio.

«But as usual, there’s an idea missing: to have a federal language. So our first tought is that our perspective is the subjection of an entire continent linguistically colonized by the Angloamericans and submitted to their market. With the Euro that could be the last Indian summer for the federalism».

«The Esperanto is not only a question of federal language, but also a safeguard language for the linguistic and cultural diversity in the Planet. It should be common language for the humankind, and used by the United Nation.

The Esperanto represent a new human value, a new right for the humankind: the one to talk to each other freely, whitout having its own mind occupied by a foreign language which destroy one’s own language. Europe can and has to become again a guiding light for civilization, and not an assimilated and colonized continent, thanks to the overcoming of linguistic exploitation and the affirmation of peace and nonviolence values which are less and less valuable».





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