EU Development and employment. Pagano (ERA): “Relaunch must be done by ensuring a linguistic and computer independence to the Union”

During the forthcoming European Council, strategies to promote the economic growth and reduce the unemployment rate in EU will be discussed.

They are working on the creation of a free trade agreement with the U.S.A., that will be used to strangle the development of the world trading of the Union and enslave always more the 27 European nations reduced to consumers and users in the development of American multinationals. Our interest in building the economic independence of the Union is denied – begins the leader of the Esperanto Radical Association.

Europe has a single market of half a billion eurocitizens who, in many countries, are the richest of the world. Europe has not sought to emphasize the market by not linguistically federating the continent.

If this huge market was linguistically federated and digitally united thriugh services and products specifically created, we would finally have an Europe in size and global significance.

Instead, the European political classes continue to operate in a post-war logic, oblivious that now the story is another one and that Europe can not and should not settle for unequal free trade with the U.S.A. – continues Pagano.

“Europe is not yet well established and unified and has not the means to curb lobby and U.S. Multinationals and needs to control the penetration of English, that could result lethal and definitive for the people of Europe with their linguistic and cultural genocide.

 The colonizing America could take control of every key point of the European strategy not promoting the growth, but the progress of the economic crisis already in place and the enslavement of the entire continent.

 I want to remind that the attack on the euro and EU does not come from Russian or Chinese finance but from the Anglo-American, “says Giorgio Pagano, leader of  of the Esperanto Radical Association.

 “To be free from any political and economic interference we must focus on language freedom, which is freedom of thought. Our survival and our future welfare are closely related to the adoption of a federal language and Esperanto has now emerged from years of illustrious history, longer than the modern Chinese “concludes Pagano.

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