Esperanto in Brazil, Radical Parlamentarians and ERA wrote a letter to the Brazilian Parlamentarians

The 21th February four Members of Italian Parliment and five Radical Senators with the Secretary of Associazione Radicale Esperanto, sent a letter to the Brazilian colleagues to support the Brazilian draft law written in February 21th, 2008. It's been presented by the Senator Cristovan Buarque, and it consists in the optional teaching of the International Language, Esperanto, in Brazilian middle schools.
The letter has firstly been signed by Honourable Member Marco Beltrandi, and it concerns the Brazilian draft law. The Radicals invite brazilian colleagues “to work hard to make possibile the process of the adoption of the law, because it represents an example of foresight and innovation and we'll do our best to protect our languages from the gradual marginalization that globalization is imposing”.
“Brazil is a pioneer country, the teaching of Esperanto can be a viaticum for the equal dignity of any languages, so that no language won't be destined to the subordination or demise. Furthermore the additional offer of Esperanto, as Buarque remarked, is a factor that can't be underrated, not just because of the language itself but even for what it represents, i.e. pacifism and nonviolence. The Radical leader, Marco Pannella, recently said that as each animal race (and maybe not just the animal races) has a common language, it's time that also the human race must have a unique language. Esperanto as language of the human race must be pursued also in the international organisms, especially in the UN”.
Moreover, the Radicals conclude the letter saying that “Giorgio Pagano had the honour and the pleasure to interview in the broadcast programm Radio Radicale (the first Italian radio which deals with politcal issues) the Senator Buarque who updated us and the whole country about this essential Brazialian initiative. We would be pleased to collaborate until the full success, we hope, of this iitiative”.

Rome, February 26th, 2013

Below you can find the letter in Italian and Portoguese

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