ERA on Ecoradio to defend the Italian Cultural Enviroment

Lucrezia De Domizio

At Ecordio’s microphones, Giorgio Pagano, Secretary of the "Esperanto" Radical Association, retold the genesis and the aims of his own association, born thanks to a cultural alarm that was set off more than 20 years ago now: the awareness that an uncountable number of languages and cultures in the world are beginning to succumb under the striking fist of globalization, mainly English. Today, it’s estimated that 95% of local languages, and in some cases, even national languages, are destined to die out. The risk of dilution in the Italian language is extraordinarily high, so much so that it seems as if the use of foreign words in day-to-day language has become a "fashionable" habit.
«It’s important to re-acquire leadership of the defining Italian characteristics,» Giorgio Pagano insists, «first of all, creativity, which is too often squashed by foreign homologation. We can expect to see the consequences of this behaviour enter in to our daily life,» ERA’s secretary continued «accompanied by steep costs paid for language courses, travel and stays abroad, just to learn English, the "victorious" language for international communication is English, for political reasons, though, not for practical. It’s safe to say that there is an actual "language tax" that only the English-speaking countries are not forced to pay.»

An international language should be extremely easy to learn but, more importantly, it should not be the national language of a single kingdom, completely eliminating the concept of equal opportunity within the European states.

«It’s obvious that English-speaking countries today are enjoying solid cultural, social and economic advantages. We must put an end to this type of discrimination if we want to avoid the annihiliation of the many features of the Italian language and culture. To support this aim, the website, is born to prevent our own language from dissapearing in Italy,» Pagano concluded.

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