The "Esperanto" Radical Association has been recognized by one of the most well-known Agencies, the European Fundemental Rights Agencies (FRA), launched in 2007 at the Vienna headquarters, where it works towards promoting the fundamental human rights and working towards defeating discrimination of all sorts amongst the citizens of the European Union. The agency, amongst 20 hours, operate by reseaching and raising awareness, as do some of the other 30 existing agencies in the European Union, like the enviromental agency in Copenhagen, to the agency in Parma that oversees Security and Nutrition, to the most famous ones, such as EUROPOL and EUROJUST, both of which are in The Hague, they focus on working together in a systematic collaboration with the local people.
In the name of these collaborations, in 2008, the Agency has set up a Platform of Fundamental Rights in the hopes of building a net of Organizations amongst the local people who are willing to support the agencies and their work.

ERA has been invited by the agency to participate in the Platform’s third meeting, which will take place in Vienna on the 15th and 16th of April, represented by the Vice Secretary, Lapo Orlandi.
" We are thrilled and honoured by Vienna’s recognition," declared Giorgio Pagano, secretary of the Association, " of ERA’s capacities, political initiatives and the association’s importance on an international level. We won’t be going to the Austrian capital with our hat in ours hands, let alone for the [i]claque[i/]: Our goal is to appeal to the European Union, and to the Agency, to battle and demand respect for all the fundamental rights, including the right to work and study within one’s own national borders in one’s mother tongue, to put the resistance against the English-speaking colonization in Europe in to action, as well as promoting Esperanto linguistic federalism in Europe."

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