Depardieu, help us to create United States of Europe!

I’m grateful to Gérard Depardieu because he remembered us that we are European citizens. It seems that a superpower like Europe is inhabited by mediocre personalities who are not able to consider the continental European dimension and, especially, to project in the appropriate global geopolitic dimension. The old nationalisms prevail over the idea of acting as European patriots, like in Italy during the Medieval communes period.

Instead of building the strong internal market composed by an half billion people and able to compete with powerful like USA and China, we fight each other , as the recent case of Germany shows.” This is the comment of Giorgio Pagano, the ERA’s Secretary, about the news of the broken “fellowship” between Depardieu and his homeland”; in fact, he gave back his passport and securité sociale. “One common system of taxation should be shared by all European Member States in order to give same opportunities to the enterprises”.

Depardieu proudly stated to be “a true European, a world citizen”, underlining his right to move away from one European country to another one. It must be appreciated. It is worth to remember that the actor decided to go not in some tax haven like Cayman islands, Bahamas or Liechtenstein but in a small Belgian village.

In order to reinforce this group identity, it would be useful to consider a European passport written in the federal language”, concluded Pagano.

Rome, 17th December 2012

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