China, Giorgio Pagano (ERA): the Great Wall stops Google, democracy surrenders to Chinese trade

Some time ago the most popular search engine in the world, Google, started to have problems with the European Union for abuse of dominant position. Now, Google surrenders to the Great Wall and accepts self-censorship.

“It’s a significant event that launches a worrying message to the world. In front of the penetration in the markets, also democracy and freedom take a back seat”, states Giorgio pagano, leader of Esperanto Radical Association.

“Accepting this compromise, Google ensures the revenue of a commercial slice of nearly a billion and a half people, while at the service of an anti-democratic policy. If we think about the half a billion Europeans which are monopolized by Google, the 300 million Americans, India and Australia, Google stands out as the undisputed emperor of the network and of the minds of the world which interact through the Internet”, adds Pagano.

“This is the situation of democratic Chinese people, Tibetan people and Europeans, who represent a large number of minds which are dominated by the political and commercial will of the strongest one without escape. We must rise up and lay the foundations for the construction of an open system which represents the liberation of our minds from so oppressive colonial forces”, concluded Pagano.

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