The Empire of the Mind and Italian Cultural Genocide

On Saturday 16 February 2013, TG2 (Rai 2 main news programme) transmitted a perfect example of how easy is to manipulate people’s mind in all our country.
The service was about households in Italian families
We were born 151 years ago but our culture exists since 1200 ad and we can’t forget what we had before, the Roman empire.
The real news is that the service reported 8 quotes of households  but only one was about Italy. ALL the rest came from foreign countries and mainly from U.S.
In this way they destroy our collective memory, in favor of the American memory that don’t belong to us. We are victims of this process. Those American films give job to American film distributors, American actors, American directors, American designers, American grips etc…
These are manipulative operations, instead of valorize our past we learn in English with the hope that one day our children will work for American companies.
How things goes only Anglo Americans take advantage and increase their power, with the certainty that one day their children will be as they are now.
That’s why monitoring every night television media is essential to show how the ablation of Italian collective memory works.

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