11th “Esperanto” Radikala Asocio Congress

Lucrezia De Domizio

The 11th "Esperanto" Radikala Asocio Congress
ERA’s will open in Firenze, on December the 16th. It’s a delicate issue. The budgets for 2004 and 2005 will have to be discussed and approved, but, more importantly, ERA’s future path has to be carefully traced since it became an entity of the Civil Service: starting from today, 29 young people, many of them multi-linguists, work in Via di Torre Argentina. Starting from July 2007, however, ERA has asked to be promoted to a higher category which will handle national and international projects, highering up to 200 young employees: a never-before see scenario in the Esperanto world. In an eviroment such as this, statutory adjustments are necessary but not as important as the size of the cultural-political scenario that has opened: hence, a never-before seen scenario."

Saturday, December 16 from 10.00 to 16.00 hours at Firenze, CIRCOLO LA SALETTA, Via la Vista 1.

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